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Shipping Information


FedEx Ground, USPS, DHL Ground, and UPS Ground do not transport fireworks

1.4G explosive firework orders will be shipped via common carrier freight. That means a 53-foot tractor trailer semi will be delivering your order to you

At US Wholesale Fireworks we try to bring the BEST price possible to you. With that being said you will be paying our actual cost of freight to get your order to you. The actual freight price will be shown at the time of checkout. Shipping rates will vary by zip code. If possible, ship to a business and you will save money as residential delivery tends to cost a bit more. If you need lift gate, inside delivery or any other services that cost extra you would be responsible to pay in full.

Rather than shipping, if you would like to pick up your order our warehouse is available for customer pickups. If you live near our Michigan office, we would be happy to save you the shipping cost if you pick your order up during normal business hours. Our staff is also available to answer any firework-related questions you may have. Please call 1-269-489-8793

All orders that contain explosive fireworks must be transported by common carrier freight, as dictated by Federal Law. UPS ground, FEDEX ground, USPS, DHL ground will not transport fireworks. Because of this US Wholesale Fireworks work with multiple different freight companies including FedEx Freight, Yellow Freight, RL Carriers and others. In order for you to receive your fireworks delivery, your shipping location must accept freight transit. Business or work addresses are generally preferable to residential addresses. This will reduce complications with your freight package, as well as delivery time to your location.

Processing of completed orders can take anywhere from 1 to 2 business days. If multiple orders have come in at the same time, this process can take up to 72 hours after the order has been received. Freight companies only pick up shipments during the business week. (Monday-Friday) Your order can take anywhere from 2 to 14 days to reach you, depending on your distance from our location. If your package is severely delayed, please contact us at 1-269-489-8793 and we will aid you in tracking your order. If fireworks are needed for a special event, it is advised that the order is placed two to three weeks in advance from the date of your event.

Fireworks that have been shipped cannot be returned to US Wholesale Fireworks. Sales that have been completed are final. This means that it is crucial that you accept the package that has been sent to your location. If you refuse your firework order you will not receive a refund on the product or the shipping as the return shipping cost 3x the amount it cost to ship it to you. Often, the trucking company in your region will contact you by phone to set up the delivery of your ordered items. Contact with your trucking company is highly suggested to ensure successful delivery to you. Once products have been shipped from our facility, we no longer have control. The responsibility falls upon you and the trucking company for the successful completion of the delivery.

Products that seem damaged upon delivery must be wrote down by the driver on your bill of lading before you sign off on the shipment. Please do not let the truck drivers rush you through this process. This is a crucial step to make sure you receive a reshipment or refund for damaged or missing items. If you have missing or damaged items not documented on your bill of lading you may not receive a refund or replacement order as we will lose the claim 9 times out of 10. INSPECT ALL YOUR BOXES. All claims for damage or shortages must be reported within 10 days of receiving the shipment. If this is not mentioned to the shipping company, this may result in a loss to you.

Your state and county and shipping fireworks. What fireworks are legal and illegal and when varies greatly but at the end of the day it is your responsibility to verify your state and county laws. We try our best to follow all laws and any state that outright ban’s them we do not ship to at all. Next, once your order is shipped out there are no refunds for refusing a shipment. Once the freight company has it at the nearest terminal you have 3 business days typically to receive the order before it will be shipped back to us at your expense. We will try to keep the map up to date as much as possible.

If a shipment is refused and returned to sender, the full charge of the freight delivery will fall upon you. A 15% restocking fee will also be charged to you. These materials are classified as HAZMAT materials, and thus the cost of returning the items will often exceed the original order. If you have any further questions about the shipping of fireworks from US Wholesale Fireworks, please do not hesitate to call us. 1-269-489-8793 We are happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Buying Fireworks Online and Shipping

Fireworks are classified as 1.4G explosives or to keep it simple we’ll call it hazmat. So, what is so bad about hazmat the simple answer is #1 It has to go freight #2 It typical has a minimum of over 120$ for any shipment. One example is if you purchased a $5 brick of firecrackers and you just wanted to ship that just down the road it would cost at least $120 in shipping minimum. This is the law and we do not like them anymore then you do.

Why do we need a good phone number for you? Well again it has to do with fireworks being hazmat. Which means before the freight company will drop them off, they will verify that you will be there in person to receive the fireworks and sign for them. As hazmat must be received by you, they cannot just be dropped off. Next the driver might ask if you want an extra service such as lift-gate and inside drop off. Do not accept these as they are not covered and you will charged more money. The driver will hand them to you from the truck they will not bring them inside they will not carry them up the stairs that is all extra charges. If wish for them you may call us and pay the extra charge for the service beforehand.

When receiving your fireworks have a camera ready in case of any of the product is damaged or missing. If there is crushed, wet, broken or missing product take pictures and note it on the bill of lading. If it looks like it is too damaged refuse the shipment and note it on the bill of landing. In either case call us at 1-269-489-8793 and email the picture’s to sales@uswholesalefireworks.com with your order number. Your bill of lading will have how many boxes you are supposed to be receiving on it. Also note that freight does not run on the weekends or holidays and your order will not be delivered during those time.

Your state and county and shipping fireworks. What fireworks are legal and illegal and when varies greatly it is your responsibly to verify your state and county laws. We try our best to follow all laws and any state that out right ban’s them we do not ship to at all. Next once your order is shipped out there are no refunds for not receiving the shipment, unless refused for damaged or missing product. Once the freight company has it at the nearest terminal you have 3 business day typically to receive the order before it will be shipped back to us at your expense.

Tracking and order times. When you place your order there is typically one or two days to process your order. We will then send you a email with your tracking number when it has ship. We try our best to get every order out in a 24hr period but sometimes we do get backed up. After that it depends on what zone you are in for shipping time’s from as little as 1 day too almost 2 weeks before it arrives but, in most cases, once shipped it will arrive in about a week.

What can you buy from us and ship either ground or through regular methods so we can ship something’s ground such as sparklers and fuse? These items are pretty much all under Ground Shippable Items, Fuse And Igniters as well as any Tubes And Racks we offer can be shipped ground. Also, if you live close to us you can chose to pick up local you can find our address here to see if that is an option for you.

So, what are some benefit’s to buying fireworks online. One is the videos are right there on the product page to see what it does and how it sound’s before buying. We have most of our 200g, 500g, and reloadable artillery shells video’s up and are always trying to add more and keep them up to date. If were missing one that you really want to see send us a message and we will try to add it as soon as possible. Getting your fireworks early so you can get exactly want you want with our wide selection of 20+ brands and 1000+ products that are always growing.

Tips And Tricks When Ordering From

US Wholesale Fireworks

  • 1 Some state’s ban all fireworks some states we can not ship to at all as they are illegal
  • 2 The reason for high shipping cost is because Fireworks are Hazmat
  • 3 You must present ID to receive your order and should be called before delivery by the freight company
  • 4 Refuse lift-gate or inside drop off this cost extra and will fall on you to cover the cost (150$ or more)
  • 5 When receiving your product note any damage or missing items on the Bill of Lading and please take pictures and if it is damaged note it on the bill of lading. Then give us a call 1-269-489-8793
  • 6 You are responsible for checking what fireworks you are legal in your county and state
  • 7 Next once your order is shipped out there are no refunds you have 3 business day once arrived at a local freight terminal to receive your order.
  • 8 Freight does not run on the weekends or holiday’s
  • Ground Shippable Items and Tubes And Racks can be shipped ground.
  • 10 If you live close to us you can pick up at our warehouse our address is here
  • 11 Plan on about a week or more to get your order and once shipped we will email you your tracking number